This Girl

Ellemira Dawn doesn't really want to reveal her real name, except in Facebook and Twitter where she gets in touch with her classmates for important school updates. She was barely two years old when Kurt Cobain died, and was barely thirteen years old when she died and was raised in Christ. She had never really dreamed of being a teacher but everything changed after her practicum in a school in Quezon City, where she was born and raised until her family moved to San Jose del Monte City, Bulacan when she was barely twenty years old.

Aside from writing whatever comes to her mind, she also plays the guitar although she must admit she couldn't practice it much these days so never wonder if she gets tone-deaf, err, chord-deaf, while she plays songs by ear. She also used to create blog layouts and photo manipulations during her early high school years; the latter she still does when there's nothing left for her to do with her laptop.

Though rock/heavy metal music, books and food interest her most, she is open-minded and appreciative of just about anything. She is currently obsessed with Norse mythology and William Spencer Chamberlain (and yeah, she would greatly miss Underoath).

Ms. Dawn also has a gnawing fear of fireworks, explosives and sparking electrical outlets.

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