Friday, July 1, 2011

The Fallen Adam (Saved by the Blood)*

It’s about the fall and salvation of man, as illustrated in Genesis 3. At first, “the fallen Adam” - representation of the whole human race - finds himself unworthy before his Creator due to his sins against Him (Romans 3:23). His punishment is, of course, death (Romans 6:23), but then, God sent His Son, Jesus, to die in his place (Romans 5:8, Isaiah 53:5), so he claims, “what can the enemy do to me now if I’m saved by [Jesus’] blood?"

Your own hands formed me out of mire.
Your breath brought me to life.
In Your image I was made,
but look at me now.

Once blameless, once deathless,
when I took a bite of the forbidden fruit
became dirty and weak with sin.

Naked and ashamed before You,
from Your eyes I forever hide.
You and me separated,
my iniquities between us,
my body and soul to die for my sins,
where is salvation now?

Now a Savior came
and took the penalty
that should’ve been mine.
Now freed from the chains I once was bound,
what can the enemy do to me now…

if I’m saved by Your blood?

September 2009

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